São Paulo, Rio, Vienna – the celebrations continue!

The celebrations of the 130 years of Villa-Lobos continue. In the coming weeks we prepare for three concerts: São Paulo (4/5), Rio de Janeiro (4/6) and Vienna (4/9). But if you really want to watch us, schedule there: Brazilian Academy of Letters, Thursday at 12:30 pm – Free Entry. The other concerts are closed. In the program, a selection of the best movements of the 17 string quartets of Villa-Lobos.

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About the Quartet

Winner of Rumos Itaú awards 2007 and XIII Carlos Gomes Award in 2009, nominated for the Latin Grammy 2012, Rio de Janeiro Government Culture Award 2012-2013 and Brazilian Music Award 2017, and the Radamés Gnattali Quartet emerged as the first in the world to record on DVD and BluRay, the 17 String Quartets of Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos. In addition to Villa-Lobos’ entire work, a discography of the group includes the following works: Quarteto Radamés interprets Ricardo Tacuchian – comprehensive work (2014), Como 4 Estações Cariocas (2011), Prelúdio 21 – String Quartet (2011) and Quadro Brasil

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